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Braking Overview

Engineering Inspiration have more that 25 years experience of braking systems for commercial vehicles, passenger cars, agricultural tractors and construction machines. For those readers who don't need our engineering support and are quite capable of solving their problems by reading, then we've collated a lot of our hard earned information here for you. If after reading it you don't believe it, have found mistakes etc. please contact us. If you need more information, our consultancy rates are reasonable! Of course there is a lot of brake stuff on the internet but much of it has a maintenance bias and some is clearly written by publicity departments.
We can't guarantee that what you find here is correct but we hope anyone using it will have the engineering skill to find our mistakes.

GLOSSARY > A brief description of all those strange words used in the braking industry.

DISC BRAKES > Brakes that clamp parallel to the axis of rotation.

DRUM BRAKES > Brakes that clamp radially inside a flanged tube.

BRAKE CALCULATIONS > Some formulae for brake system design.

THE FUTURE? > Electronic wedge brake.